Opportune Opportunity

Wednesday November 27th 2013, 3:04 pm
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It’s fashionable to hate social media, but it’s been a life-saver for me. Many of my friendships and acquaintanceships have survived my long-distance moves because of Facebook and Twitter.

For example, a former colleague of mine, Beth, got me into trying mini-meditation this fall by just suggesting it through her FB feed. She just put it out there in the universe, and gave some very basic suggestions on how to go about it.

Today, she posted something that really spoke to me:

Imagine ways to stay just close enough to the heart that you know it’s there, it’s present, it’s where your longings take refuge. Imagine it’s nothing more than a few seconds, every waking day. Just a few seconds. During those few seconds there is complete openness, which keeps all judgment at bay. However you make space for this precious connection every day, that is your practice.

Now I have no idea what’s going on in her mind and her life (haven’t seen or talked to her in years), but this visualization was magical for me. What I got from it was this: I can take my wildest hopes and dreams and tuck them inside my heart, where they will find refuge. And by checking in with my heart, even briefly, I can know that they’re alive.

Another important piece of this was the lack of judgment. No worries about whether I “deserve” to achieve these goals, or whether they are even likely to occur.

How perfect for me at this stage of my life to have an opportunity, even if only for a few seconds, to believe.

Love this. Have a nice holiday. Wishing your mom good health also!

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