Flexitarians of the World, Unite!

Friday May 02nd 2014, 9:05 pm
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Last night my close friend John and I attended a great talk by the food writer Michael Pollan. There are so many things Pollan said that I wish I had written down and could share here, but have already forgotten!

It’s all semantics, of course, but I think “eat until you’re satisfied” is really bad, bad advice! I do eat until I’m satisfied – and I’m NEVER satisfied. Rather, we need to learn to eat until we’ve satisfied our body’s need for food/fuel…and that’s not something I’ve yet learned to recognize and aim towards.

But to your point, if we eat all of the bulky fresh fruits and veggies, then the theory is that at least we’ll get full on fewer calories and less “bad for us” foods. That’s assuming you can stand to eat a lot of that sort of thing. Fruits and veggies are more like to cause me stomach upset than all the greasy, nasty processed stuff…but I’m trying to inch my way into it a bit…

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