Keep the Faith

Sunday May 18th 2014, 11:44 pm
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Living in the face of uncertainty isn’t easy.

Over the past eleven months I have contacted well over 100 companies about job openings they’ve had. I’m not talking about just going online and “submitting an application”. My process is, whenever possible, to contact a live human being and (in the best case scenario) get an internal referral to that person from my professional network.

To-date, I’ve been interviewed and rejected by 16 of those companies.

Given this experience, there is no way to avoid questioning things. Am I talented enough? Am I a terrible interviewee? Have I picked the wrong career? Is this just a massive waste of time?

It seems like most of the time in life when we are pursuing a goal, we have to have at least some sense that it’s achievable. Whether it’s getting a college education, or buying a house, or finding love — there needs to be at least some sense that this is both worthwhile AND do-able. Otherwise, what’s the point?

On the other hand, I can think back to many times when I would try to lose weight by attempting some crazy diet (no fats at all, super low carbs, extreme caloric restrictions, etc.), with only a vague notion of what success would look like. I could imagine myself getting thinner, but I never really had a clear vision of what I would do once I got there.

No doubt the reason I would always (ALWAYS!) gain back more weight than I had lost was that I would over-do it on the losing efforts to the point where I was exhausted, cranky, and deprived. And once I threw in the towel, I would make up for lost time by overeating all of the things I had forced myself to give up.

What I discovered through WeightWatchers is that I need a lot of strategies. Some of which are about managing food intake. But many more of which are about managing overall behaviors so that I’m not sliding down the slippery chocolate-covered slope of failure.

It’s okay to be uncertain about the choices we’re making.

It’s okay for me to be perplexed (and a little freaked out) by the lack of results in my job search. It’s understandable that I’m frustrated by crummy food decisions I’ve made the past month. It’s natural that I’m concerned about the effectiveness of the training I’m doing to strengthen my injured ankle.

The only thing that helps is faith that things can get better with time and patience. Not a shot-in-the-dark, buy-a-lottery-ticket wishfulness. But faith based on information and experience.

There’s work to do ahead yet. But with faith in the eventual success of the outcome, I can keep at it.

I have one session with a very good job coach in DC left (we worked together by phone). I would love to gift it to you–I think she’s fantastic. Email me, if so.

Comment by SAL 05.19.14 @ 8:32 am

Hi Jon
I feel it in my bones things will be so great for you. I’m so sorry things aren’t working out right now people are nuts because as a leader I feel if anything I think you’re awesome so they’re drunk lol hang in there miss you xoxo

Comment by Ronni reich 05.19.14 @ 9:22 am

Thanks for the support! I’m hanging in there!

Comment by admin 05.19.14 @ 12:26 pm

I would also suggest volunteering with an organization you’re interested in—it will keep you busy and you’ll make contacts.

Comment by SAL 05.20.14 @ 8:40 am

I’m in the same boat and cheering you on. Something’s got to hit soon. You are amazing. Wish we could work together again!

Comment by Sue Danbom 05.23.14 @ 12:55 am